Stop Putting Up With Expensive Hotels and Package Tours…

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When the accommodation is free you’re able to travel further, with more money to enjoy your vacations!

If money were no object, where would you plan your next vacation?

Home Exchange Academy Report
Do you have a list of places all around the world you long to visit? Probably with much lower costs you would love to travel more.

Does a condo in Miami appeal, or maybe a villa in Italy, a pension in France? How about a weekend getaway to New York or the ski slopes?

Suppose you could vacation in some far away country and pay absolutely nothing for your accommodation.

Imagine… sitting on your own verandah watching the sun set into the azure blue Aegean as you sip a glass of wine, or maybe relaxing with a beer in a Jacuzzi in the tropical garden of your Hawaiian villa.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you happen to be a Home Exchanger! Thousands of people are doing all of that right now, thanks to Home Exchange. Every year they arrange great vacations other people only dream of. And it costs them NOTHING except for travel and fares!

My family and I are the “survivors”, if you like, of more than 50 wonderful home exchanges, taken over the past 29 years, and because I’m continually explaining home exchanging to friends, co-workers, acquaintances, even strangers, none of whom have a clue how the process works, I decided to write a guide dedicated to taking newcomers to the concept by the hand and walking them step by step through the entire Home Exchange process, following exactly the same methods I use myself.

“Home Exchange Academy”

Home Exchange Academy starts at the beginning, detailing and explaining the differences between the confusing multitude of clubs currently clamoring for your membership dollars / pounds / euros. Which of their features should be viewed positively, which should be seen instantly as red flags.

The guide then walks you through setting up your listing, with tips on how to expand the information they provide beyond the confines of your chosen club’s web site; recommendations for corresponding with fellow members; how to initiate contacts and how to respond to inquiries you receive; car exchange – the do’s and the don’t’s – with a sample Car Exchange Agreement; a Sample Home Exchange Agreement and Sample Home Exchange Book.

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But don’t take my word for it, I certainly don’t expect you to buy this guide without proof of its value. Here’s what customers from all over the world are saying about the Home Exchange Academy:

“To me the test of a report is if it can get me excited enough to take action. I’ve already set up my home exchange account and sent out 20 contacts.” – Tamara Jameson from New Zealand
You provide such concrete guidelines that prove to be simple but very effective. No filler information just downright solid tips that will have folks scratching their heads as to why they hadn’t thought of that!” – John Latimer from Las Vegas, Nevada
“I want to commend you for providing this information. I was very impressed with just how much you know about the home exchange industry.” – Elizabeth Higgins from the United Kingdom
“Got, read it and DEFINITELY gonna use it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” – Darcie Connelly from Ireland
“My funds are limited so I gave Your info a try and was very impressed.” – David MacMillan from Canada
“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the information I got from your report about how to travel on the cheap using Home Exchange” – Claire Wilson from the USA
“I recently purchased your excellent report “Home Exchange Academy” and found it very useful in my research of the home exchange industry” – Graeme Smith from Australia
“What a good guide. Excellent value for money. The information is clear and very easy to follow” – Louise Biggins from the USA
“I’m a freelance travel writer and as such I’d always been somewhat scathing of home exchanging. After reviewing your guide I understood for the first time why home exchange draws so many dedicated fans” – David Bent from the USA
“Good report with lots of good information. I’ve been one of your Home Exchange Procrastinators for a long time and all I can say is I wish you’d written your guide years ago!” – Andrew Jones from Birmingham, UK
“Just Wanted To Let You Know How Very Much I’ve Enjoyed Reading The report I Got From You. Nice work” – Michelle Hoag from New Zealand
“This report is straightforward and to the point, which I LOVE.” – Kay Duffy from West Hills, California

Every single one of the testimonials in the boxes above was unsolicited and were taken from people’s emails to me!

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How Many Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Make A Home Exchange Membership Work For You?

  • Selecting the Home Exchange Club that’s just right for you
  • Setting up your listing. This is the KEY. Get it right and the offers will pour in
  • Setting up your own Home Exchange Web Site
  • Contacting likely exchange partners
  • Developing your own inquiries to members
  • Writing a Home Exchange Agreement/Contract
  • Your “Home Exchange Book” plus, lots more ….

I consider myself an “Expert Home Exchanger”. Over the past twenty nine years, I’ve taken part in more than fifty successful Home Exchanges with my family and I’ve become a real ambassador for the concept. I always feel desperately sorry when I hear what other people have paid to stay for eight days in cramped hotels, sheltering from inclement weather in London, or trying to sooth a child with colic in Acapulco. Had they done as I do and chosen a Home Exchange, they would have had an entire family home to spread out into.

Setting up a Home Exchange the RIGHT way takes time. So even if you’re not planning a vacation for several months it’s critical to know exactly what you should be dong well in advance so that you can plan ahead. In fact the quicker you start, the smoother your arrangements will flow.

Invest in my Home Exchange Academy instantly downloadable guide here and now, and I guarantee you will get things on the right footing from the get-go!

If you don’t it will be like feeling your way in the dark.

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home exchange book

And just for fun, here’s a little YouTube video devoted to Home Exchange Academy:

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